Our favorite place in all of Sioux Falls was the Sycamore Milkyway. Incredible avalanches surpasses DQ, especially Pumpkin flavor in the fall. Smiling staff, serving up sundaes, shakes, ice cream sandwiches to die for and very missed. A must stop when we return to visit. Love you guys!
The Kings, Columbia, SC

Best place for a great healthy snack in Sioux Falls, SD. Wide range of ice cream concoctions with lots of toppings. Friendly staff and seasonal favorites. Place we missed when moved to SC. 4 Sioux Falls locations (Sycamore was #1). Don't miss out!
Don King, South Carolina

Hands down the best banana split I've EVER had!
Halley Basche, Sioux Falls

Ice cream was fabulous. Showed up after closing and the owner opened up the doors so we could get some ice cream. Very friendly and professional. Great way to welcome a visitor from California with family in the area and they all said go to B&G. Thanks. Will be back to order some food today.
Bryan Duncan, California

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