For over ten years we searched for land to purchase in Brandon, SD. We felt Brandon was a growing community and was in need of our type of business. However, we could not find the ideal location to build a Milkyway. As they say, “A successful business depends on three things: location, location, location.” Finally, in 2014 land became available. We decided to purchase this land and build our building, even though we did not have a franchisee yet. Again, we put our faith in God, our reputation, and our business model. We were approached by two brothers wanting to buy our new Brandon location, as well as our Sycamore location, which was for sale at that time. These two young entrepreneurs showed the commitment and energy to not only take on an extremely busy location, but also work hard to open a new business. The city of Brandon welcomed this new business with open arms and our 4th franchise was up and running.

What's Happening

Opening march 20th